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Meet Robin Mcgloughlin

Robin has the authority and passion to inform and raise awareness of Drowning Prevention Technology with over 30 years’ experience within the UK leisure sector.

He habitually speaks at industry and company events, engaging and provoking audiences to support his personal mission of ‘making a difference, save a life’ and using any technologies and best practice to support lifeguards and improve swimmer safety.

Robin is a Founder and Director in Poolview Ltd which was formed in 2012 and he has helped shape the company into the leading provider of Drowning Prevention and Technology solutions within the UK

An acknowledged expert in the field who writes thought evoking articles, challenging others to consider swimmer safety in a different light.

A pioneer of the concept referred to as "Blended Lifeguarding", Robin endeavors to express his opinions in a positive and constructive way, challenging preconceived ideas and generally raising the profile of safer swimming practices.

Hopefully you will enjoy, question, consider and comment on some of the content contained within these pages.